Mixing & Mastering

In addition to our packages, Orange County Production House also offers online mixing and mastering services as well. Our award winning staff works out of Hybrid Studios, using the best analog and digital gear in an accurate mixing environment to get your material to a professional and commercially competitive level. We focus on the artist experience and work hard to provide a clear channel for communications as well as a fast turn around. Typically services are performed between 24 and 72 hours. For detailed information please contact us!

Mixing Rates

Your Mix

Have your stems printed through our legendary analog equipment. It’s our attempt at letting engineers who can’t physically make it to the studio have access to our legendary gear.

SSL Option: Have your mix printed straight through our legendary mixing console. We volume match each track so its your mix going in and coming out!

Neve Option: Want your tracks printed with that warm Neve goodness? Let us run your stems through our 1073 summing mixer.

API Option: Or maybe you want a punchy mix? We’ll run your stems through our API summing mixer.


Pro’s Mix

You get it, you’ve done your best and now its time to hand it off to someone else to mix. You know what it could sound like, you just don’t know how to get it there. Let our seasoned and professional engineers take your mix to the next level. Each mix includes alternative mixes (instrumental, TV, Vocal Up) and free mastering by our mastering engineer. To see who our engineers have worked with click here.


At the additional cost of $30/song, we will make stems and give them to you to keep forever. This way you have a multitrack version of your mix should you want to do something with it.


Mastering is performed by Hybrid Mastering. For more information on Hybrid Mastering, please visit: https://www.hybridstudiosca.com/mastering

Please reach out with any additional queries through the Orange County Production House contact page.