5-Song EP Package

At Orange County Production House we aim to provide a simple but thorough production package. Clients receive a polished, great-sounding EP, but they also walk away with a better understanding of the recording process and the knowledge necessary to keep making strides in the world of entertainment.


1-Song Single Package

Orange County Production House also offers a professionally-produced single package with a condensed creation process.  The 1-Song Single Package does not include a live release show.


The Creation Process

Discovery Meeting

The first step toward creation is a meeting with Orange County Production House to determine which world-class producer is the right fit for each specific artist and their project.


During pre-production, clients meet with their producer to finalize a track listing and set a general schedule for production.


Tracking is where the majority of the recording takes place and the foundation for each track is laid. Although every project varies by instrumentation and genre, drums and bass are generally the main focus of a tracking session.


This is generally where vocals are recorded, as well as any extra instrumentals, and layered on top of your tracking session recordings.

Mixing & Mastering

During this phase of production, tracks are professionally mixed and polished. Artists are allotted one list of revisions for each track.


(Optional) Orange County Production House will help to list your tracks for distribution and/or sale on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more. Artists are free to sell, stream, or market tracks however they wish!

Live Release Show

(Optional) Once a project is completed, Orange County Production House can set up a show at a local venue to help support the artist and their corresponding product release.

Please reach out with any additional queries through the Orange County Production House contact page.