Frequently Asked Questions

What does Orange County Production House do?
From pre-production, tracking, overdubs, mixing and mastering, to distribution and a live release show, Orange County Production House guides artists through the process of creating and releasing a polished, great-sounding product. Throughout this creation process the experienced staff at Orange County Production House puts a strong emphasis on client education, preparing artists to take their “next steps” in the entertainment industry.
How does it work?
The goal here is ease! The creation process starts with a project meeting in which details are gathered and artists are matched with an appropriate Orange County Production House team member. Next comes a pre-production session with the project’s assigned producer; this is where a track listing is finalized and an overall production schedule is loosely set for tracking, overdubs, mixing, and mastering. Finally, after the creation process is completed, Orange County Production House takes the finished product to market with digital retailers and coordinates a live release show.
How long does it take?
The Orange County Production House EP package includes three and half days of producer and studio time, with some flexibility based on project requirements. Scheduling is based on studio and producer availability.
Why record with Orange County Production House?
Orange County Production House connects artists with in-demand, award-winning producers and some of the best session musicians in the world. However, clients receive more than just an incredible-sounding finished project; they learn the whole process of turning a rough demo into a marketable release from true industry professionals.
Who has Orange County Production House worked with?
We’ve worked with all size projects, scaling many budgets. For a full client list please click here.
What if I want to make a change or modification?
No problem! Artists are allotted one list of revisions per track, but we do ask for change requests in a timely manner.
Who owns the finished songs/recordings?
Orange County Production House holds no ownership over finished products. Clients are free to sell products online, manufacture CDs, license products for movies, commercials, video games, etc. Clients own the full copyright of all recorded materials for all time, while Orange County Production House simply facilitates the creation process.
How long do you store my files?
Daily back-up of studio hard drives are free during each recording session, and onsite hard drive storage is free for one month following a client’s final recording session. Orange County Production House clients are responsible for final storage of source material before the end of that period.
What is your guarantee?
At Orange County Production House we want our clients to be completely satisfied and have a great experience throughout the creation process. If for any reason clients are unsatisfied with services rendered, they are not obligated to complete the process and will be refunded for all uncompleted steps.